Why I decided to run

Dero-Asha for Town of Cary Mayor 2019

Choose community, transparency, growth!

I’m running for mayor. I’m not actively campaigning, so I may not win. But I’m running anyway.  I’m running because my message is important, and it deserves to be heard.

  • I’m running for people like me to let the world know we’re still here and we refuse to be discounted. This platform is your platform.
  • I’m running for the girl who’s been told her name is too long or too weird to say or to remember. Thus, she won’t be remembered or counted.
  • I’m running for that same girl who has to wonder what version of herself to present to the world for a bid for acceptance. 
  • I’m running for the woman who dares not to smile when she’s being asked to do more than her share and worn down by attrition.
  •  I’m running for the rest of us who have been made to feel unseen and unheard.
  • … who have to fight to be treated like a full human instead of a hyphenated one and still live our lives on the side.
  • …who have been on the receiving end of countless slights, diminishing remarks, microaggressions, and micro-insults.
  • … who in our daily lives are constantly reminded we’ve already been dis-empowered so the way we’re treated doesn’t matter anymore.
  • … for my mom who was born in 1954 when people that looked like her were obstructed from even voting in America. 
  • …for the person of color who has lost yet again to someone more familiar
  • I’m running to let people know we’re still here.
  • I’m running for the marginalized, the defeated, the one made to feel small; the one who has yet to rise.
  • …the one made to feel unwelcome, unimportant. 
  • …the one made to feel as though your voice doesn’t matter, your opinion doesn’t matter, your feelings don’t matter, you don’t matter.

I’m not running to make the Town of Cary “great again.” It’s already a great place to live.  It’s a place where I hope to champion community, transparency, and growth!

Ultimately, I want to inspire the next generation of young people to mobilize their community. Get involved. Refuse to be discounted so that the next person won’t be the first or the only. 

So, while you may not vote for me,  I do hope you get out and vote. 

Fun fact: The Town of Cary has 100,000 registered voters. The last mayoral race was won with only 5,000 (5%) of those votes. Thus, I encourage all of you to get out and vote!

Early voting begins Sep 18.

Election day is Oct 8. 

Choose community, transparency, growth! Choose Dero-Asha for Mayor!


About Me

Age: 35

Occupation: Pharmacist

Political experience: None*

Education: Doctor of Pharmacy, Campbell University

*as much as POTUS

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